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Ariyana is an acclaimed bellydancer based in Honolulu. Her love for the music of Egypt is evident in the joy she brings to her dance, and audiences love her subtle cinematic style. Her dedication to presenting the dance as appropriately as possible has made her a favorite at client events, restaurants, and festivals.

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Egyptian Bellydance

Egyptian Folklore


Sharqui The bellydance workout

Learn from 14 years of study with teachers and dancers from Egypt. Ariyana works hard to incorporate cultural education into engaging and fun classes. Learn everything from Golden Era styling to modern styles of Bellydance in a safe space.

Folklore is the basis of this dance. There are so many cultural dances in Egypt, from Eskadanrani dance in Upper Egypt to Saidi dance in Lower Egypt. Set a sound base in your dance journey with folklore!

Ariyana’s love of MENTAH dances took her to the Khalij, or the Persian Gulf, to learn dance from one of the most respected dancers in the community, Khadijah. Learn basic movements, cultural connections, and music theory.

Experience a your next favorite workout! Authentic bellydance movements combined with cardio pumping beats to give you a full body workout experience! Shimmy out of your first class!

Every Tuesday 10a-11a HST

Paradise Tango Studio

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Learn in depth Egyptian Bellydance technique and combos at the virtual studio!

Experience the Mesmerizing Magic of Egyptian Bellydance

Ariyana is Honolulu's premier Egyptian style bellydancer. Bring the magic of Egypt to your next Hawaii event and give your guests a night they won't forget!

“Ariyana was wonderful! Absolutely perfect for our birthday party. We wanted traditional Egyptian style and she delivered!” ~DC

Bellydance by Ariyana

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